Creating a Full Text Search Engine in PostgreSQL, 2022

The Code and data

createdb scifi psql scifi < questions.sql
--add the search index
alter table questions
add search tsvector
generated always as (
setweight(to_tsvector('simple',tags), 'A') || ' ' ||
setweight(to_tsvector('english',title), 'B') || ' ' ||
setweight(to_tsvector('english',body), 'C') :: tsvector

) stored;

-- add the index
create index idx_search on questions using GIN(search);

-- the search query
select title, body,
ts_rank(search, websearch_to_tsquery('english','vader tie fighter star-wars')) +
ts_rank(search, websearch_to_tsquery('simple','vader tie fighter star-wars')) as rank
from questions
where search @@ websearch_to_tsquery('english','vader tie fighter star-wars')
or search @@ websearch_to_tsquery('simple','vader tie fighter star-wars')
order by rank desc;

-- turning it into a function
create or replace function search_questions(term text)
returns table(
id int,
title text,
body text,
rank real

select id, title, body,
ts_rank(search, websearch_to_tsquery('english',term)) +
ts_rank(search, websearch_to_tsquery('simple',term)) as rank
from questions
where search @@ websearch_to_tsquery('english',term)
or search @@ websearch_to_tsquery('simple',term)
order by rank desc;

$$ language SQL;



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